Welcome to Muscle Car Madness,
Everyone has seen the sales on eBay, Mecum, and BJ for five, six, and even seven figures. As a long time muscle car guy I knew they would be good investments, but we are seeing a natural correction due to the economy. However, after doing a little calculating, it's not that hard to support the prices. (Well, some of these prices... :-) ) A new decent car runs $40-60K. Econoboxes are $15-20K. So why not $60-120K for a fully restored big block Ford, Chevy or Mopar? And of course we knew the super limited cars like the Shelby Cobra, Shelby Mustang, Yenko Camaro, Superbirds, etc should fetch multiples of the base models. Seven figures for a hemi cuda? Now that might be madness. ;-) Time will tell.

Cars have always been an good investment vehicle (pun intended) but the current market for muscle cars is something special. Why? Two words: The 60's. A lot was happening at that time and muscle cars bring it all together in one package. The culture was brash, rebellious, strong, looking forward, and most of all sexy. I'm not talking about the slut porn we have today, I'm talking about sensuous, subtle sexuality. Sure they have 400hp engines, but they also have sleek, even feminine, body contours. So muscle cars are the perfect combination of brawn and beauty representing a very special time. Not to mention those of us growing up during those times who could only envy such cars from a far. Now however, 40 years later we have a little extra money and can buy our youth back. So how much is that worth?

Stay tuned! I'll be adding more shortly.
These are some billboards GM is running in Detroit. They are supposed to reinvigorate the Chevy division. But all it's going to do is remind people, "They sure don't make them like they used too." I call it:

Requiem for GM

When a company pulls out it's former glory to try and market it's new products, they have a name for that; it's call a swan song.


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